This map shows the boundaries of Canton.

This page is just a test page at present.

I'm hoping to be able to highlight all of the notable organisations, opportunities, places etc within Canton itself on this map and provide links to them.

I will also aim to create a Google Maps Engine Map which allows multiple layers to be seen at the same time. 

I will then try and provide a similar page for each local area of Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan.

Response - Plus

Are you struggling with a hurt, a hang-up or a behaviour that disrupts your everyday life?
Do you wish you could come to terms with a problem?
Do you want to live a more fulfilled life?

Whatever the problems is:
Relationship - family - financial
Bereavement - housing
Alcohol and/or drugs - etc

Call and speak to someone from Response-Plus

Any Thursday between 2pm and 4pm at:
The Salvation Army, on the corner of Cowbridge Road East and Grosvenor Street
(Grosvenor Street entrance)


Ring 07826 558558
Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm