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You may also find that a lot of the site looks unfinished, it is. I'm working through it bit by bit and it will probably always be a work in progress.

Look on this site as a guide and a network of opportunities, nothing here is supposed to be definite and  the links are only those which I have found. The website was created to help me and not specifically to help others so no responsibility will be taken by me for any mistakes or misunderstandings.

The focus for this website is on health, well-being, and activity promotion. I'm an occupational therapist by background and having an easily accessible hub of information helps me to recommend services in the local community. 

This website is in no way associated with any other organisation which uses "cardiffandvale" as part of its name such as Cardiff and Vale UHB or Cardiff and Vale College. "cardiffandvale" refers only to the geographical location of Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan. The site does however utilise this geographical focus due to the local health board covering this area.

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